About Us

Kush Concentrates strives to provide the highest quality extracts in Colorado. We use only top shelf ingredients to ensure a safe and clean product for medical patients and recreational customers. Kush Concentrates processes in house material and material from other licensed, reputable establishments.

Kush Concentrates utilizes a state of the art laboratory and uses several different extraction methods to produce a wide variety of products. Products include Live Resin, Rosin, Shatter, Wax, Oils, Topicals, Cartridges, and other products can be made by request. We wholesale our branded products and also private label products depending on our customers needs.

Extraction Methods and Services

Kush Concentrates uses the most up to date and responsible extraction methods possible in our cutting edge lab. We produce our concentrates using distilled N-butane in a top of the line closed loop extraction system. We package our concentrates in a fully compliant packaging and adhere to all MED regulations.

Trim Requirements & Recommendations

All trim that passes through our facility will require proper notification of any pesticides, mildews, diseases, as well as the age of the trim.  The fresher the trim is, the better your product will turnout.  A good rule of thumb is to cure your trim the same way you cure your flowers.

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Kush Concentrates can be found at the following Medical and Recreational Centers:

Denver Kush Club

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